Monday, April 16, 2012

RTB SWOT Analysis

RTB in its vision "To be a Premier and Dynamic Media Organization in Nation Building" aims to create a well informed Brunei society through effective communication which is based on the national philosophy – Malay, Islamic, Monarchy.

Due to the government administration's oldest Mass Media in this country, so it's limited for RTB having their incentive and creativities because has controlled by the Ministry.

News TV & Radio, u can see and listen all about Sultan's and their family, government and ministry, just a few and less  informations about society and activities taking part in Brunei for public knowledge. 

Radio and Television is to be presented to the listeners enhanced helped to promote Bruneian's Businesses well known all over the country with regards on certain aspects of business available shown via Radio and Television.

No, because Radio Televison Brunei have their own role and concepts. 


  1. Good to know. Interesting topic.
    Any website that we can visit, to read details about the RTB?

  2. Thank you for have read my Analysis.
    Yes, if you want to know more about RTB, the website is