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Chapter 4

Question 1: 
Select a retail store with which you are familiar that has a Web site on which it sells products or services similar to those it sells in its physical retail stores.
Explore the Web site and examine it carefully for features that indicate the level of services it provides. Using your experience in the physical store and review of the Web site, write a 200 word evaluation of the company's touch point consistency.

Question 2:
What were the main forces that led to the commercialization of the Internet? Summarize your answer in about 100 words.

Question 3: 
Describe two possible service-for-fee offerings that might become available to users of Internet-enabled wireless devices (such as iPad or mobile phones) in the near future. Write one paragraph for each service in which you outline the profit potential and risk of losses for each.

Question 4:
In two paragraphs, explain why a customer-centric Web site design is so important, yet is so difficult to accomplish.

Question 5:
Promoting products on the Web is different from using mass media promotion or personal contact. Assume that you want to explain these differences to a person who is planning to open a Web site that will sell fishing-rod. Write one paragraph about each approach (mass media, personal contact, the Web). In each paragraph, explain the advantages and disadvantages of the approach for the fishing rod Web business.

Answer 1 :-

The Enterprise section in Administration division is responsible with the selling and promotions of products from RTB, which is very important to RTB.

The main objective is to market the  Airtime Package for customers, especially to the company that want to advertise their products through Tv and Radio, by dealing directly or through the Agency who have been given authority by the RTB. As our slogan " RTB is here to help promote your business through Radio and Tv COMMERCIAL" - Lowest cost, Highest Expectation

And Merchandise units also have the authority to market the image of RTB logo, as well as copying Video and Audio to customers.

Goods sold are as follows: -

  * Cap
  * Round Neck T-Shirt
  * Sweat Shirt (Hoodie Sweather)
  * Sweat Shirt (Turtle Neck)
  * Vest Sleeve T-Shirt
  * T-Shirt Collar
  * F1 T-Shirt
  * Riversible Jacket
  * Umbrella
  * Recipe Book
  * Mug and others

Here, customers can buy products with the image of RTB logo at an affordable price compared to those who patronize the stores that provide services to create, print and sell these goods at quite expensive.
So the customer, are welcome to visit the Commercial / Enterprise Section to buy Airtime and see the goods traded.

Whatever Your Product, Whatever Your Service, Let Us Help You Reach Your Potential Customers!

Answer 2 : -

As the world syber is widespread, many companies began to awake to the internet, and put strategies in a portfolio of digital marketing. So the other focus is social media advertising on the Internet. Due to the digital needs of the company has more than collecting fans on Facebook, or Twitter follower number. But also there are many other important marketing purposes, such as awareness of the brand, to increase sales, which will more effectively be done via advertising.

Advertising in digital media is a bit different than the conventional, such as television, radio, magazines, etc.. Digital offers different ways to advertise, and nature is not limited geographically. Other excellence in digital advertising can be targeted, to a particular consumer to be more effective.

Answer 3 :-

One of the two possible services for free is using B-Mobile broadband services. ZOOM! Broadband is b-mobile’s 3.5G High-Speed Internet Service. It is a “Mobile Broadband” service which provides you the mobility of surfing the internet Anytime, Anywhere and Everywhere …

Logo AstroSecond services is KRISTAL-ASTRO that Brunei’s only operator of multi-channel pay television services. This is joind venture between DST Brunei and Astro Malaysia. Their provides digital direct to home satellite television, providind over 100 plus channels of digital quality satellite television, radio programs and other interactive services.

Astro is the brand name of the Malaysian direct broadcast satellite (DBS) Pay TV service. It transmits digital satellite television and radio to households in Malaysia & Brunei. The name Astro is an acronym for All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator.

Answer 4 :

"Customer-centric" means creating a Web site that is centered around customer wants and needs. Savvy businesses are realizing that focusing their site on customer benefits and ensuring its visitors a unique experience are key drivers of sales, loyalty, and much-desired word-of-mouth advertising. By proactively considering the needs, wants, and beneficial preferences of your customers, you can make more effective decisions about the content, offerings, design, and processes available on your site.

A customer centric site is so difficult to accomplish for lots of reasons. Before a company can develop a customer centric site they must first get to know their customer very well, this presents it's own set of challenges. Once the company has a sound understanding of their customer they then have to design a process that works well, large companies may have the huge amounts of capital to fund the research into this but many have not. Another thing that makes this difficult is the rapid evolution of the digital world on a whole. As things change so too do the customers expectations. What might have worked a year ago will not necessarily work next year.

Answer 5 :-

One of the most obvious differences between traditional media and web advertising is the size of their respective audiences. There are both good and bad aspects to audience size. Traditional media such as broadcast and radio have the ability to have millions in their audience. They are truly the definition of mass advertising vehicles. Web media, on the other hand, is anchored by millions of individual websites, each with a comparatively small audience. Marketers must make a media buy across web networks in order to aggregate a larger audience for their message.

Age using their website is younger than the age, so for those who want to sell FishingRod is recommended over the mass media, because most of those interested in fishingare those who are younger than their age.

Age using their website is younger than the age, so for those who want to sell Fishing Rod is recommended over the mass media, because most of those interested in fishingare those who are younger than their age. Although the fishing areas like popular of all ages, but the financial expense of buying costly fishing goods and costly, so those who work and have to be able to pay just to buy it.

In view of the public interested in fishing, no matter the age of the elderly, young and children. For those who open a shop that sells fishing equipment should selling at affordable prices and cheap, because fishing is one category that is relaxing and can beconsidered to strengthen the families harmony.

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